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  • Tensorflow

    TensorFlow is a powerful open source framework from Google specifically designed for machine learning and neural networks. With TensorFlow, you can cover the entire ML workflow from data processing to model deployment.

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Discover TensorFlow, Google's leading open source machine learning library

At mprofi AG, we offer comprehensive support for the implementation and use of TensorFlow, a leading open source machine learning platform. Our team of experienced IT experts and digitalization consultants will work closely with you to develop customized solutions that meet your needs.

What is TensorFlow?

TensorFlow is a framework for data stream-oriented programming and is widely used for machine learning. The name TensorFlow comes from computational operations performed by artificial neural networks on multidimensional data fields called tensors. It was originally developed by the Google Brain team for internal use at Google and was released under the Apache 2.0 open source license in 2015.

In TensorFlow, mathematical operations are represented in the form of a graph, which represents the sequential flow of all operations to be performed by TensorFlow. A simple example of using TensorFlow would be defining two constants and multiplying them in a TensorFlow session.

With our support, you can effectively integrate TensorFlow into your business and take advantage of its many features. These include preparing and processing data, building ML models, using pre-trained models or creating your own, running models in production and monitoring their performance, and using TensorFlow to solve real-world problems with ML.

In addition, TensorFlow lets you build ML applications faster and develop scalable ML solutions. You can deploy models anywhere and at any scale, including on the web, on mobile and edge devices, and on servers.

Our services include not onlyimplementing and supporting TensorFlow, but also training your team to take full advantage of TensorFlow's capabilities. We help you connect with the global TensorFlow community, learn from experts, and collaborate with an open source TensorFlow machine learning community.

TensorFlow offers a range of features and capabilities for machine learning:

  • You can use pre-trained models or train your own.
  • TensorFlow helps you prepare data by providing tools for processing and loading data.
  • It provides solutions to accelerate machine learning at every step of your workflow.
  • You can deploy models on multiple platforms - on your own hardware, on mobile devices, in the browser, or in the cloud.
  • TensorFlow also supports MLOps, which is running models in production and maintaining their performance.

It is important to note that TensorFlow was developed by Google and is used in commercial Google products such as speech recognition, Gmail, Google Photos and Google Search.

TensorFlow is implemented in Python and C++ and supports Python, C, C++, Go, Java, JavaScript and Swift programming languages. There are also third-party libraries for other languages such as C#, Haskell, Julia, R, Scala, Rust, OCaml, and Crystal.

There are more details about TensorFlow, such as the use of Tensor Processing Units (TPUs) to accelerate machine learning1, the integration of Keras, an open-source deep learning library, into the TensorFlow Core API, and the improvements in TensorFlow 2.0, released in September 2019.

Some of these topics are complex and require more in-depth explanation. If you would like more details on a particular aspect of TensorFlow, please let me know.