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    What makes a good design? This question can hardly be answered universally. For us, another answer is more important anyway. Namely, the one that fits your very specific needs.

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Your design agency for distinctive appearances

For us, design goes far beyond the mere creation of a company's visual appearance. Our design services include a whole range of design-related services: from branding, with which we give your company's corporate identity (CI and CD) a face, to illustrations for the creative appearance on all advertising media, to interface design for the user-friendly and consistent design of user interfaces. What all our design services have in common: They are based on well-founded design concepts, ensure a high level of recognition among your customers and are in line with your company's corporate identity. We will be happy to show you what effect a well thought-out design can have on brand positioning, printed matter such as brochures, or even presentations in the online world. Together with you, we create appearances that focus on your strengths and leave an unmistakable impression on your customers.

The website has become the most important medium of digital communication.

Is your website still up to the increasing design demands of your customers? Do you simply offer your customers facts online or do you create a holistic experience for them? As a creative web agency, we support you in the visual as well as the functional and structural design of your website. With aesthetic and user-friendly web design as well as state-of-the-art web programming, we make your brand a digital experience.

Design concept

Aligning digital products with users and their long-term commitment to the product! User experience design is about digital products such as websites and apps. The focus is not primarily on visual design, but on the user experience (UX), i.e. the user experience before, during and after product use. The design of the UX is therefore of fundamental importance and determines whether digital products are enjoyed or not. In addition to the active user experience, emotional aspects also count, because customers engage with a product for some time before they buy and use it. For this reason, we at mprofi do everything we can to optimize the user experience across the entire customer journey: From the initial gathering of information about a product to its ongoing use and associated support. Design and experience must meet expectations! User expectations are continuously rising due to technological advances and increasing competition in many industries. A positive user experience is more important than ever to be able to offer contemporary and sustainable products and services. Through an intensive examination of your target groups and customers as well as your offer, we support you in this process. In this way, we succeed in making the usability user-friendly across all touchpoints. The result is satisfied customers who enjoy interacting with you and remain loyal to your company and your products over a long period of time.

Clarify requirements and expectations through analyses! Extensive analyses are a prerequisite for professional UX design with optimal information architecture. We clarify the user behavior of your target group with the help of user research. In doing so, we use various personas. These are bundled characteristics of different potential users to clarify expectations and requirements. Based on these findings, we derive visualizations of websites and applications, which are then subjected to intensive testing. The insights gained from this in turn form the basis for further optimization in the area of user experience and ultimately for a concept that is truly convincing - both from the user's and the company's point of view. Added value that pays off: Design for User!The benefits of a comprehensive design process are manifold and pay off for you in the long run. Benefit from an optimal interaction design of your website or application, which has been proven in several usability tests. The functionality of an appropriately designed visual platform will enable users to easily obtain the exact information or find the products they need. A satisfying user experience results in a more positive perception of the company and its offerings, which in turn has a positive impact on buying behavior. In this way, a design that aims at the principles of an optimal user experience (UX) effectively and sustainably leads to more success for your company.

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