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  • Product comparison tables

    Optimize the presentation of your products and improve your customers' decision making with Neos CMS' intuitive and interactive product comparison tables. Let your products speak for themselves and make the comparison process easier for your customers with our clickable and scrollable tables. Start improving your product display today!

Product comparison tables

Product comparisons can be a critical tool to help customers make informed decisions. Neos CMS offers you a powerful feature to present your products in an efficient and user-friendly way with its product comparison tables. This feature allows you to present products in clickable and scrollable tables to enhance your customers' user experience. With Neos CMS product comparison tables, you can present your content in the best possible way and better support your customers.

With product comparison tables in Neos CMS, you can improve the user experience by giving your customers an intuitive and interactive way to compare products. You can better showcase your products and help your customers make better decisions. Moreover, product comparison tables are a great way to promote your products and increase your sales opportunities.

Overall, product comparison tables in Neos CMS offer a powerful solution to optimize the presentation of your products and provide an excellent user experience to your customers. With this feature, you can compare your products more effectively.

Product comparison tables are an effective tool to showcase your products and simplify the comparison process for your customers. They are especially useful for B2B companies that offer complex products with many specifications and features. In addition, they can also be used in B2C contexts, especially in industries like electronics, home appliances or fashion, where product comparisons are common.

Product comparison tables display forms

The product comparison tables of Neos CMS offer two display forms. Clickable and scrollable tables. Both options are optimized for responsive design to ensure they display optimally on any device and screen size:

Scrollable table

The scrollable table, on the other hand, gives your customers the ability to scroll through the entire product offering without leaving the page. This is especially useful if you have a large number of products or an extensive list of features and specifications to compare. With the scrollable table, your customers can see all the information they need on a single page, which improves the user experience and makes decision-making easier.

Clickable table

The clickable table allows your customers to make comparisons by simply clicking on the elements of the table. This provides an intuitive and interactive user experience that helps your customers quickly find and understand the information they need. In addition, the clickable table provides the ability to highlight only certain information, which can help focus your customers' attention on important product details.

Services for Neos CMS product comparison tables

  • Consulting and strategy development for product comparison tables

At mprofi AG, we offer comprehensive consulting services to help you develop the best product comparison tables for your needs. We support you in selecting the appropriate display format, organizing your product data, and strategizing the use of product comparison tables throughout your web presence.

  • Product comparison table design and development

Our experienced designers and developers will work closely with you to create customized product comparison tables that meet your requirements. We ensure that your tables are not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly.

  • Integration of product comparison tables into your website

Our developers seamlessly integrate the created product comparison tables into your Neos CMS website. We ensure that the tables work optimally on all devices and screen sizes, and that they are compatible with other features and functions of your website.

  • Training and support

We provide comprehensive training to ensure you get the most out of your product comparison tables. We also provide ongoing support to help you manage and optimize your tables.

  • Product comparison table optimization

We provide ongoing optimization services to ensure your product comparison tables are always up to date and meet the changing needs of your customers. We monitor the performance of your tables and implement improvements based on the data and feedback we receive.