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Magento e-commerce solutions for B2B companies

In today's digital world, e-commerce solutions are essential for B2B companies to succeed. A powerful and flexible platform can make all the difference. As an experienced digital agency, we support you in your digital transformation and offer comprehensive services around the Magento e-commerce system. Our expertise ranges from consulting and planning to implementation, optimization and support. In this article, we present our competencies and services in the area of Magento.

  • Scalability

Magento grows with your business and flexibly adapts to your requirements.

  • Flexibility

The open source structure allows for individual customizations and extensions for your specific needs.

  • B2B-specific functions

Magento offers features like custom pricing, quick ordering, and customer approvals that are essential for B2B companies.

  • Integration

Magento integrates seamlessly with existing ERP, CRM and PIM systems, ensuring smooth data transfer.

Our services cover all aspects of Magento e-commerce solution, from strategy development to technical implementation. Our services include:

  • Consulting and Strategy

We analyze your business requirements and help you choose the right Magento solution for your B2B business.

  • Design and User Experience

Our team of UX designers develops engaging and user-friendly online stores tailored to your customers.

  • Technical Implementation

Our Magento developers will technically implement your requirements and ensure that your online store runs smoothly.

  • Integration

We seamlessly integrate Magento into your existing IT landscape to ensure optimal data transfer and process handling.

  • Training and support

We offer comprehensive training for your team to ensure the successful use of Magento. In addition, we are at your side with support and maintenance.

Our project approach is based on proven methods and processes to ensure the successful implementation of your Magento e-commerce solution:

  • Kick-off workshop

In a joint workshop, we identify your business requirements and define the project goals.

  • Project planning

Based on the results of the workshop, we create a detailed project plan that includes all phases, milestones and resources.

  • Agile development

We work according to agile methods to ensure continuous improvement and fast adaptation to your needs. We focus on short development cycles and close communication with you.

  • Quality assurance

We place great emphasis on quality assurance at every stage of development. Our experts test all functions to ensure that your online store works flawlessly.

  • Deployment and Go-Live

We support you in the successful launch of your Magento online store, including the migration of data and integration into your existing system landscape.

  • Post-Launch Support

After the go-live, we continue to provide support, maintenance and continuous optimization to ensure the success of your e-commerce project

We are proud to have helped numerous B2B companies implement and optimize Magento e-commerce solutions. Here are some examples of successful projects:

  • Example 1

For an internationally operating B2B company, we developed a multilingual online store that allows individual pricing and customer approvals. Seamless integration with the ERP system allowed us to significantly improve order processing and customer management.

  • Example 2

A medium-sized B2B company benefits from our expertise in implementing a user-friendly online store with optimized product catalogs and quick order functions. Through targeted conversion rate optimization (CRO), we were able to significantly increase sales figures.

  • Example 3

For a B2B wholesaler, we developed a Magento B2B portal that allows sales partners to access specific product assortments, individual price lists and order histories. By implementing the portal, we were able to improve the ordering process and customer retention.

Magento offers powerful and flexible e-commerce solutions that are specifically tailored to the needs of B2B companies. As an experienced digital agency and consulting firm, we support you in all phases of your digital transformation, from strategic planning to technical implementation and continuous optimization. Our comprehensive range of services and proven project approach ensure that your Magento online store is successful and your company can survive in the digital world.