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  • Long Chain

    LangChain from mprofi AG is an innovative framework for developing and configuring AI language models. It offers extensive features and tools to help you achieve your technological goals more effectively.

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LangChain is a comprehensive framework for developing and configuring AI language models, developed by mprofi AG. Our goal is to provide a reliable and powerful tool that simplifies and accelerates AI development. LangChain offers a wide range of modules targeting different aspects of AI development, including models, prompts, memory and indexes.

Our models are diverse and adaptable, with support for multiple AI frameworks and platforms. With LangChain, you can create customized solutions for your specific needs by writing custom LLM wrappers or incorporating human input into LLM. We also support integration with various AI platforms such as AI21, Aleph Alpha, Anyscale, Azure OpenAI and many more.

Prompts in LangChain provide a set of features to improve the interaction between users and AI models. We provide templates for creating custom prompts and working with partial prompt templates. There are also various selection options for examples and output parsers to improve the quality and relevance of AI responses.

Our memory module provides several options for storing and managing conversation data. From ConversationBufferMemory and Entity Memory to VectorStore-Backed Memory and Custom Memory Class, we have a solution for every memory requirement.

LangChain's indexes enable integration with various document formats, from CoNLL-U and CSV to EPub and Microsoft Word. We also support integration with various data sources such as AWS S3, Azure Blob Storage, and many others.

With LangChain, you are in control of your AI development. Start your journey with us today and let us help you achieve your AI goals.

AI Services:

  • AI Language Model Development

We provide comprehensive AI language model development services, including model training, optimization, and customization. Our goal is to deliver powerful and reliable AI models that meet your specific requirements.

  • AI Integration

We support integration with various AI platforms and frameworks to ensure seamless and efficient AI development. Whether you are working with AI21, Aleph Alpha, Anyscale, Azure OpenAI, or any other platform, we can help you successfully integrate your AI models.