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Conny Rochlitz

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Conny Rochlitz

Conny is our highly qualified and experienced Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and plays a critical role in the strategic management of our company. Her primary responsibility is to oversee and manage all financial activities, including financial planning, risk management and accounting.

In her role as CFO, Conny leads thedevelopment and implementation of financial strategies focused on sustainable growth and profitability. She works closely with all executives to ensure the financial stability of the company while developing innovative solutions to improve financial performance.

Conny is responsible for managing cash flow and ensuring the company has sufficient liquidity to meet its short and long-term goals. She analyzes financial data and reports to make informed decisions about investments, budgeting, and cost savings.

As a risk management expert , Conny identifies potential financial risks and develops processes to mitigate those risks and protect the company from negative impacts. In addition, she is responsible for compliance with legal and regulatory requirements in the financial area and ensures that our company always acts transparently and responsibly.

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